Presentation of the program

The National Multisector Program to Combat Maternal, Newborn and Child Mortality in Cameroon abbreviated “PLMI”

The PLMI is a public health program under The Ministry of Public Health of Cameroon.

The vision

This program has as a vision to make of Cameroon a Nation where:
  • Universal access to care and high quality services for women
    and the children is a reality
  • Avoidable maternal, newborn and child deaths are eliminated

Guiding principles

Taking into account past experience, the following guiding principles
will guide implementation:
  • Sustainable political commitment and national leadership
  • Effective coordination of actors and complementarity
  • Innovative multisector approach and partnerships
  • Accountability and good governance
  • Equity in access to quality care throughout the continuum of care
  • Optimal participation and implication of the community including
    beneficiaries and men
  • Effective communication and mobilization